Green Wave News · Free Physicals at ARHS on 4/14

Dear Parents,

On April 14, 2018, Trident Sports Medicine/Trident Health System and other facilities will be performing Pre-Participation Physical Exams (PPEs) for your student athlete at Ashley Ridge High School.  The window for Summerville High School student-athletes begins at 8:45am.  A PPE is a requirement for athletic participation in the state of South Carolina but it is not a comprehensive medical examination and in no way replaces the recommended annual check-up with your child’s primary care physician.

In order for the PPE to be effective and efficient, a complete and accurate medical history is vital. These forms are available in the Athletics area of Summerville High School and in student information.  The front page history section should be filled out completely by the parent with the athlete present and all YES answers should be explained and then signed by a parent. Also, the Parent Permission and Acknowledgement must be signed by a parent.  Once complete your student athlete should report with the completed forms to their school athletic trainer or school nurse for their pre-screening to include height, weight and vision screenings.  The athletic trainers at Summerville High School will be available to complete the pre-screenings during ILT and after school on 4/9 through 4/13.

Anyone who does not have their physical form signed by a parent or has not been pre-screened by their schools health care provider will not receive a physical.

Any child with chronic, complex medical problems, especially heart disease, should have his/her primary care physician perform the PPE in the office as it is unlikely we will be able to clear the athlete for participation without access to past medical history.

Due to the nature of mass examinations please be prepared for extended wait times.

Once your child has completed their pre-participation medical forms, they should be uploaded to the student-athlete’s account on to be considered for athletic eligibility.  Information on creating an account on and uploading documents is available at .