Green Wave News · Important Information for Volleyball Try Outs

The Summerville High School volleyball team is dedicated student athletes who take pride in their school as well as their community.  They put forth their best effort in the classroom, on the court, and in the public eye.  Wearing the green wave uniform is a privilege, one that carries many responsibilities as well as rewards.

Tryouts will begin on Friday July 27th from 9 am -12 pm and Saturday July 28th from 9 am -12 pm. Please arrive 8:30-8:45 to get checked in and ready to go.  We will start promptly at 9 am.  Tryouts are your opportunity to learn more about the philosophy and expectations of the Summerville Volleyball program and to make your best impression on the coaching staff. You MUST attend tryouts, unless you have made specific arrangements – in advance – with the coaching staff.  If you are not able to attend, you will be given opportunity and arrangements will be made for your tryout once you return.

In order to tryout all paperwork MUST be complete in Planet High School.  There will be NO exceptions.  Once all paperwork is complete you may participate in the tryout process.

These are the forms that will need to be completed:

Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation – History Form

Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation – Physical Examination Form

Parent’s Permission & Acknowledgment of Risk for Son or Daughter to Participate in Athletics

Birth Certificate

Concussion And Student Athletes

If you have any issues or questions about the forms, please let the coaching staff know and we will answer any questions as soon as possible.

What to wear/bring to tryouts.

Please wear comfortable and appropriate attire for tryouts: t-shirt, shorts, and appropriate court shoes.  Knee pads are not required but if you prefer to wear them then you may. Please bring a water bottle each day.  You will be given water breaks throughout tryouts.  Also, do NOT wear any jewelry during tryouts, and best to leave this at home.  Cell phones need to be turned completely off once you enter the gym.  If you have a copy of your report card, that would be great to have.  Eligibility is a requirement in order to make the team.

Tryout Criteria

The coaching staff will be looking for coachable athletes who have a great work ethic, love to compete,

and want to learn to become better players and teammates. We are looking for future potential and for

those whom desire to play at higher levels.  Prior volleyball experience or skill helps, but are not required. (Great volleyball players are not made, just made better!) Prospective student-athletes will be tested and evaluated for their overall athletic ability and level of volleyball skill. Coaches will apply the following criteria:

  1. ATTITUDE: Players who are positive, competitive and eager to learn. More points will be given to

those who demonstrate strong leadership skills, ability work/communicate as a team (volleyball games

do not last long with a team of one person) and to those who are willing to take risks and are unafraid to

learn from mistakes.

  1. ATHLETIC ABILITY: Players with the ability to learn and perform complex skills. Volleyball puts a

premium on explosiveness and rewards those who are unafraid to attack the ball.

  1. POSITION: Players whose skills fit a specific need for the team’s overall balance. As the level of

play rises (from Freshmen to JV to Varsity), the requirement for position specific expertise rises.

Expect to work hard at tryouts.  The coaching staff is looking for student athletes that exhibit a high level of work ethic and commitment.  Do your best.  Run in between stations or rotations, ask questions if you do not understand something, and be able to communicate with other players as well as coaches.

Students trying out for the Summerville High School JV or Varsity team will be evaluated on your current skill level and experience. Coaches take note of those who listen, follow directions, ask questions, and who are coachable athletes.  We are looking for athletes who can move at a fast pace, who can lead, and who are good communicators.  Skills that you will be evaluated on will be: Serving, Passing, Hitting, Setting, and Blocking.  We will look at these skills as well as positional need.


  1. Be coachable.
  2. Help teammates.
  3. Have a positive attitude.
  4. Hustle!
  5. Work hard.
  6. Be among the first to arrive in the gym and among the first to help set up nets and equipment.
  7. Be among the first to line up for drills.
  8. Look the coach in the eye when she/he speaks to you or to the team.
  9. Be loud.
  10. Be a champion ball shagger.
  11. Be among the first to help take down the nets and put away equipment.

Tryouts are the most difficult time for coaches.  We as a staff will make the selections for the JV and Varsity teams based on what you have shown throughout tryouts.  We will let you know where and when to access the list at the end of tryouts.  If you do not make one of those teams, we encourage you to keep playing if you enjoy the sport.  Keep working hard and continue to tryout the following year.  There are many other outlets to keep playing.  Middle school teams if you are a 7th or 8th grader, community leagues, or other programs.

If you have any questions, concerns, or issues please let us know.


Summerville High School Volleyball Coaching Staff
Head Varsity Coach; Karri Killen –
Head JV Coach – Julie Merritt
Assistant Coaches – Rachel Page, Layla Digby, Ashley Black