Green Wave News · Varsity/JV team lists

Good Afternoon,

We would like to thank all of you that have come to tryouts for Summerville High School Girls Soccer.  It has been a great three days and we want to applaud your hard work and positivity.

The following numbers will come to practice tomorrow Thursday Feb 4th for VARSITY and the second section of numbers will be coming Thursday Feb. 4th for JV practice.


White 15

White 10

White 12

Green 27

White  21

White 14

Green 20

Green 11

White 8

White 20

White 6

White 22

Green 22

Green 38

White 39

White 19

White 23

Green 15

Green 4

JV Team

White 5

Green 23

White 1

White 11

Green 18

Green 21

Green 14

Green 8

White 18

White 27

Green 24

White 16

White 24

Green 19

White 4

Thank you again to all tried out to be a part of our soccer program. See all those that made a team at practice tomorrow Thursday Feb 4th 430-545pm.

Thank you

Coach Baggett

Coach Vega

Coach Erika